TiN Coated Gages

TiN Coating Increases Tool Life of
Swanson's Thread Gages up to 10 Times

Titanium Nitride (TiN) is a general-purpose coating that has been long recognized for its corrosion resistance and increased tool life. Its hardness is equivalent to approximately 85RC – harder than chrome or carbide material. When it is used to coat thread gages, tool life is increased up to 10 times.

TiN Coated Gage

Swanson’s TiN Coated Gages provide a visual check for gage wear. Because TiN coating has a metallic gold appearance, it enables the user to visually check for gage wear. As the gage wears, the TiN coating starts to lose its luster. When this occurs, the gage may still be in tolerance, but it will likely need calibration soon.

Hardness Conversion Estimate

Swanson’s TiN Coated High-Speed Steel Gages provide the performance required for demanding applications such as:

  • gaging highly abrasive materials
  • gaging high volumes
  • gaging soft materials or plated parts, which tend to load up on the flanks of steel gages
  • gaging aerospace-type material, where galling may be a problem

Swanson’s TiN Coated Gages are the economical choice

Because High-Speed Steel TiN coated gages last so much longer than Tool Steel gages, they provide a significant savings. The chart below helps to illustrate these savings. (The prices are for comparison only.)

Cost for Each Standard Thread Plug Gage – Go & NoGo with Handle (Remember: TiN Coated Gages last up to 10 times longer)

TiN Coated
Tool Steel

TiN Coated Gage

Swanson’s TiN Coated Gages
have other beneficial properties:

  • excellent adhesion, with no flaking, chipping or peeling
  • low coefficient of friction
  • non-stick surface against most other materials

Swanson’s TiN Coated High-Speed Steel Thread Plug Gages are stocked in standard taperlock INCH and METRIC sizes. Swanson’s Engineering Department can help you design gages for special applications such as ACME, MULTIPLE START, PIPE, BSPP, BSPT and LEFT HAND – just to name a few.


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